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Nov 6, 2009 6:00pm EST
the united states, dying for the united states. >> repter: clearly there is more to be learned about this case. more to be known about major hasan. i'm pat collins, news4, montgomery county. >>> some members of hasan's family still live in northern virginia. julie carey is in fairfax county with more on that part of the story. >> reporter: major nadal hasan has a brother and cousin in northern virginia. some came to gather on the home in the baileys crossroads area. the family will not come out to the cameras to make a statement. what they have written makes their thoughts very clear. they call major hasan's actions deplorable and despicable. inside this home, a family in seclusion. they are horrified by the rampage. a statement issued late yesterday by hasan's cousin reads, "we are shocked and saddened by the terrible events at ft. hood. we are filled with grief for the families of today's victim. our family loves america." their dismay is shared by fellow muslims at the nearby mosque. the doctor spoke at the family's tragedy in friday's prayers. >> we watched the news with tearful
Nov 9, 2009 6:00pm EST
will be a long and difficult recovery here. >> needing the entire resources of the united states army are at the disposal of ft. hood. >> reporter: for many, one of the most trying issues is getting past the fear that this post, their home, is no longer safe or secure. as the victims and this shattered community look for answers so do investigators. there is word now the suspected gunman major nidal malik hasan is conscious and talking and though his attorney wants to make sure those conversations are limited. >> until i meet with my client i've advised appropriate military officials that no interviews, no interrogations should be conducted by law enforcement. >> reporter: right now the army isn't saying anything about the suspect or their investigation. >> in regard to the investigation, i have nothing to add at this time in regard to that and we're working very hard to get an update to you from the criminal investigating division. >> reporter: just one of so many unanswered questions here. jay gray, nbc news, ft. hood. >>> federal investigators have visited the mosque in northern vi
Nov 1, 2009 6:00pm EST
decision making process because he wants to make sure the united states has the right strategy in afghanistan. the decision is being complicated by the presidential election problems in that country. the president karzai's opponent in saturday's runoff pulled out of the race citing corruption. >>> word that the squien flu vaccine shortage may be coming to an end. white house officials expect 10 million more doses to be available within the next week. the same obama adviser, david axelrod said that will end the shortage in somestates. they could have 40 million doses available by the end of october but, instead, only 28 million doses have been released. >>> election day is the day after tomorrow in the commonwealth and the latest poll gives republican bob mcdonald's nell bob mcdonald's 53% favored mcdonald's nell and 41% chose deeds. that's a wider lead than back in october. mcdonnell is poised to become the first republican elected governor since jim gilmore in 199 7. >>> a story in montgomery county. a toddler has been killed and we understand he may have been playing with a c
Nov 14, 2009 6:00pm EST
of cooperation. >> the united states looks to strengthen all the alliances and build new partners with the nations of this region. >> mr. obama will head to south korea. demonstrators are already protesting against him and the war in afghanistan. >>> police releasing new information that that hope leads them to a missing college student. she's been missing more than a month now. >>> also, more long lines as w local parents try to protect their kids from the swine flu. we'll tell you about that. >>> good evening, ohio. that's bruce string steen. why that simple greeting got him in hot water with fans. chuck, what do you have? >> all the rain is gone. i have good news for the forecast. the details in a minute. >>> coming up in sports, an update on alex. virginia trying to keep their hopes alive, plus, problems in college park with the hokey's rock the terps. >>> a sign of the times. >> the fight to the finish. >> there's no place like the locker room. >> on the next "redskins showtime." >>> funerals are being held today for six of the 13 killed at ft. hood. among those being remem
Nov 28, 2009 6:00pm EST
the story. >> reporter: it's a picture worth 1,000 words and then some. the president of the united states face-to-face with a pair of uninvited party guests who turned out to be reality tv stars. washington is indignant. the secret service embarrassed. it's still not clear how they waltzed to the white house dinner. they managed to kozy up to vice president biden and a list of other party goers. they were being taped for an upcoming season of the real housewives. they are ready to tell their side of the story monday. on her facebook page, she says she was honored to be invite d. their lawyer insists they were cleared by the white house. the secret service claims their names re not on the guest list. they should have been prohibited from entering. >> this time, it was a nice looking blond. next time, it could be a terrorist. >> these people could have had anthrax, they could have taken a knife off the table and stabbed the president. >> reporter: the secret service questioned them. they could be facing criminal chges. a steep price to pay for 15 minutes of fame. they were said to be a one-
Nov 30, 2009 6:00pm EST
was living in ohio. he was deported from the united states to germany last may despite claims that he's term ne -- terminally ill. today's proceedings began with demjanjuk demjanjuk's. >>> there's been yet another pirate attack off of the coast of somalia. well off the coast. a tanker carrying crude oil from saudi arabia to the u.s. was hijacked yesterday. about 800 miles off of the coast of somalia. a piracy expert says the pirates are going bolder. somali pirates are holding about a dozen ships hostage with more than 200 crew members. it is not clear how much oil was aboard that tanker that was seized yesterday. experts say though the value would be in the millions of dollars. >>> today stocks recovered from fears about dubai's financial debt crisis. last week dubai said it would delay repayment of $60 billion in loans causing markets to plunge world wide. but today the emerittus said it will restructure one-third of its debt. the dow gained 35 points p the nasdaq was up by six and the s&p was up four points today. >>> the obama administration is cracking down on mortgage companies. they s
Nov 2, 2009 6:00pm EST
forces. now those questions are front and center as the united states faces its decision whether to send 40,000 u.s. troops or more to back the afghan government. richard engle, nbc news, kabul. >>> president obama called president karzai today to offer his congratulations. mr. obama says he's pleased that the final outcome was determined in occurrence with afghan law and he said that the u.s. and the international community will work closely with him but they want to see better governance and a sineer effort to eradicate corruption. >> he assured me that he understood the importance of this moment, but as i indicated to him, the proof is not in words it'll be indeeds. >> it is still not clear when president obama will announce the next steps that the u.s. will take in afghanistan. >>> a senior government official told the reuters news agency that mr. obama is not likely to announce a new strategy before he leaves for asia on november 11th. that trip is scheduled to be ten days' long. >>> the wave of terrorism in pakistan has prompted the united nations to suspend many of its operations
Nov 13, 2009 6:00pm EST
, there are no activities, illegal activities going on that threatens the united states. i don't see a reason that -- there is no legitimate reason to close down the place. >> we are here to worship our creator. that's all. >> reporter: the council on american islamic relation says the rare move to seize this mosque and three others in the country raises questions about first amendment rights. >> we are concerned about the chilling effect that the seizure of houses of worship could have on the religious freedom of all americans, whether you're muslim, christian or jewish. >> reporter: the center was established in 1981 and run directly by the alavi foundation. in 1998, the iec re-established itself as an independent, nonprofit ganization. >> people are coming here for prayers. they need to go after the people who are doing something which is not right, but they should not be closing an institution like this. >> reporter: prosecutors say at this point there are no allegations that any tenants of these properties have done anything wrong. they are targeting 100 acres of property out in prince w
Nov 16, 2009 6:00pm EST
sales back in the united states. >> reporter: in beijing today mr. obama met with chinese president hu jintao tensions are high over economic ispooupts u.s. is a huge market for chinas cheap products. china has largely financed america's deficit lending hundreds of billions to fund stimulus issue. combatting climate change and nuclear programs in iran and north korea atop his agenda there. in washington, brooke hart, nbc news. >> the priz will be in china all day tomoow and then on wednesday he goes to south korea. >>> general motors made a big announcement today. that the money going to gm is about to go back. repaying the $6.7 billion in government loans next month. first, there will be a $1.2 billion payment. and gm says it could pay off the full amount by 2011. that's four years ahead of schedule. jay gray has our report. >> reporter: the economic engine is apparently running again for the u.s. auto industry. >> we actually generated cash in this period. >> reporter: cutting jobs and closing dealerships, me efficient general motors generated $3.3 billion in the third quarter and an
Nov 5, 2009 6:00pm EST
the yucatan. it may get stronger. certainly to threat to the united states, but does bear watching. unfortunately for central america, it will be a very bad storm with heavy flooding rain. for us, high pressure comes in. as it comes in tomorrow, i will come in with gusty northwesterly winds. then it begins to move off the coast. as we get into the weekend, southwesterly winds and much warmer air coming in for a good part of the weekend. not tomorrow morning though. in the 30s and the highs only in the 50s. for this evening, clearing continuing. we'll see clear to sun why i skies tomorrow morning. it will be a bundle-up morning with temperatures tomorrow morning into the low 30s in some of the cold spots. about 38, 39 in town. beautiful sunny day tomorrow. not a cloud in the sky. maybe a few cumulus clouds. temperatures tomorrow will be up into the low 50s. next seven days as we get into that mild irair, saturday and sunday, really delightful. a cold mning saturday morning. sunday, temperatures will be up into the high 60s to near 70. monday also near 70 degrees. next chance for any
Nov 12, 2009 6:00pm EST
. secret service says the suspect lives in the united states and had come to the embassy 11:30 in the morning to get information on how to return to togo. the man became agitated when speaking to employees and brandished a knife and began attacking them. others wrestled the man to the floor and held him until authorities arrived. the unusual incident at the townhouse embassy attracted intense media interest. a man who answered the door at the embassy said there would be no comment to television cameras. togo's ambassador was not present during the incident. tom sherwood, news4, washington. >>> the suspect and three employees were taken to george washington hospital for treatment. >>> the national transportation safety board is planning a public hearing on the deadly metro crash back in june. the ntsb announced today that the hearing will be held on february 23rd and 24th. the board says the purpose of the hearing is to gather information for their investigation. they also hope to increase public knowledge about transit safety across the country. that crash on the red line ki
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11